If You Want to Try Something New…

The best part of traveling is the opportunity to try new things. The worst part of traveling is being afraid to make mistakes. Because of this, I have made a promise to myself that as long as I am in Canada, I am free to make as many mistakes as necessary.

One of the more exciting things available to me in the Toronto neighborhood where I reside are the specialty markets. Only open when supplies are available, there’s even an impromptu fish market that sets up in a local church parking lot. It’s there that I met Dave, who sells seafood out of his van.

This past Monday, Dave had a special on live octopus. They weren’t large, in fact, they’re tiny guys that in some cultures are eaten while still alive, a practice he highly recommends.

Even though it’s not a Canadian practice per se, I take Dave’s advice and bring a couple of these little creepy-crawlies home for you and me to try.

As we each knock back the eight-legged-stomach-squirmers the suckers get caught in our throats. We struggle to breathe. As the oxygen leaves our brains and we start to pass out, each octopus begins to tap out Morse code on our back molars, “D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.”

via GIPHY and “Klara Eats” on YouTube

You’ve learned a valuable lesson. Don’t try new things. Go back to the start, and accept cephalopods as our new overlords.

(Yes. All of the above is fiction.)

Or… if you want haiku.

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