It Figures, or Why Do People Open Restaurants? (pt. 2)

In academia, textbooks are considered tertiary sources. But my gut tells me that most people read them as primary sources. It’s part of the process of maintaining and exerting authority. While reading through textbooks, some things are left understood, when they shouldn’t be.

While it can be difficult for a book to stop at every statement to prove a premise, it’s dangerous if you don’t. Textbooks should come with a front cover warning: “Information not refrigerated. Product may have spoiled.” Continue reading “It Figures, or Why Do People Open Restaurants? (pt. 2)”

Duck Fat Fondue

This is a recipe of sorts, but perhaps it’s better described as a manifesto: Get Good Duck. Canada is in the process of going “full duck.” This headlines from The Globe and Mail says it all, “Canadian duck producers to double output to meet growth in demand.”

Canada has always been duck territory, along with goose, it’s a prime element of Quebec’s foie gras industry. The French and Chinese are both known for their duck cuisine, and now there’s, “the arrival of immigrants from duck-eating countries such as Russia and the Czech Republic.” (From above article). Continue reading “Duck Fat Fondue”