Tasty Lies and Statistics

As of Canda’s 2016 census, 2,731,571 people live inside the boundaries of Toronto. Add to that, “In 2016, 51.5% of the residents of [Toronto] proper belonged to a visible minority group.” Then, in 2011 alone, 43.7% of the population of Toronto was born outside the country.

With such a big, diverse group, let‘s consider a thought experiment: let’s call it  a “tasty lie.” Continue reading “Tasty Lies and Statistics”

Why Canada?

Thankfully my 2017 fell apart in a very neat and tidy way. I was romanticly hobbled, in poor physical health, but only semi-homeless. The downward slide was overwhelming but controlled.

Then in early October, my Canadian friend Pat messaged me with a simple:  “How are you, Jack?”

I grabbed the question like a ripcord, pulled, and spilled my guts. Continue reading “Why Canada?”

I’m a Writer

In 2011 I made a month-long trip to Panama, and that trip started almost exactly seven years to the day from when I entered Canada.

This was during a non-restaurant stint in my life. At the time I was being paid to write copy for an internet company. Back then, when a Panamanian official asked my occupation, I gave a succinct, and well-practiced answer:

“Escritor.” Continue reading “I’m a Writer”


You are hungry, so you eat a mushroom cap to test if it’s safe.

Thank you for clicking!

Here is where I would tell you a story, give details about who I am, tell you what food I’m cooking, describe what I’m eating, or maybe I’ll let you know all about someone I met. But this page is just a test.

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There’s a Lot In Toronto

Canada has some fantastic local cuisine traditions (pick up Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip). Then there’s Toronto, with a deep well of international food along and a sizable restaurant scene that while smaller, may even rival New York’s more than 26,000 restaurants.

My US compatriots have little concept of just how vast and diverse Toronto is. When I talked about Toronto, most seemed under the perception that all TO had to offer was a wide variety of poutine and dijon ketchup. Continue reading “There’s a Lot In Toronto”