Eating My Expectations

A few weeks after my arrival in Toronto, I had a discussion with Kelly about checking out restaurants. After some discussion, we decided that Tuesday’s would be the day she would guide me to some of her favorite spots.

We decided to start with a British pub. In 1534 the colony of New France was established. It then transferred to the UK in 1763. In 1867 Canada confederated, but it remained a colony within the British Empire until 1931. Given such an extensive Brittish colonial history, why not? Continue reading “Eating My Expectations”

My Friend Kelly

Kelly was a college friend who drifted out of my life and then drifted back in. She rebounds excitement like a rubber band engine, zipping around, bringing in everyone nearby. She’s also encouraging to a fault. When I pop off on some disposable non sequitur, she engages in it, usually catching me off guard. When I consider what to write in this blog, she is often the first person I consult. Continue reading “My Friend Kelly”

Ketchup Popcorn

One of the more unusual associations with Canada is ketchup. Ketchup chips lead the way obviously, but for whatever reason, ketchup has bled through to become a part of the Canadian national identity.

Now that there’s a burgeoning trade war with the States, Heinz is no longer the gold standard, but the villain. Suddenly where Canadians source their ketchup has become a matter of patriotism. Continue reading “Ketchup Popcorn”