Why Canada?

Thankfully my 2017 fell apart in a very neat and tidy way. I was romanticly hobbled, in poor physical health, but only semi-homeless. The downward slide was overwhelming but controlled.

Then in early October, my Canadian friend Pat messaged me with a simple:  “How are you, Jack?”

I grabbed the question like a ripcord, pulled, and spilled my guts. Continue reading “Why Canada?”

I’m a Writer

In 2011 I made a month-long trip to Panama, and that trip started almost exactly seven years to the day from when I entered Canada.

This was during a non-restaurant stint in my life. At the time I was being paid to write copy for an internet company. Back then, when a Panamanian official asked my occupation, I gave a succinct, and well-practiced answer:

“Escritor.” Continue reading “I’m a Writer”

A Restaurant Guy

I’ve worked in the restaurant business on and off for two decades, but it wasn’t a field I was born into or consciously chose. I fell into it.

My sophomore year of college I was working as a magic demonstrator in a giant plastic top hat in Quincy Market. I performed card tricks, turned nickels into dimes, messed around with sponge balls and sold wiggle worms by the busload.  Continue reading “A Restaurant Guy”

131 Days

Marsellus Wallace’s soul inside.

I landed in Toronto in late January. I dragged four suitcases, the maximum number I could afford to bring. It had been a scramble to make sure I came under the weight limit. I was “importing” a healthy stack of books and a battered tan leather briefcase full of magic tricks.

Yes, magic tricks. Continue reading “131 Days”